Download the Test Kit

Here’s all the files that you need to get started playing Fireball Forward.

  • Fireball Forward Playtest Kit The basic infantry rules for the game that allow you to play the Easy Company scenario.
  • Easy Company FBF7-28-11 – The first scenario which sees paratroopers for Easy company assaulting four Germans guns on D-Day.  This action is depicted in episode 2 of ‘Band of Brothers.’
  • playtest_counters-1 – Useful counters for infantry combat.
  • QRC-1 – Charts, we’ve got charts!  Download this file and you’ll have them too.
  • pennants-1 – Flags used to mark activated units.  Glue a golf tree to a base and wrap these around the tee securing with glue.
  • allied_blinds-1 – Here are some blinds to use for hidden placement/movement if you do not want to have a referee.  We have never used blinds before but it should work fine.  Assign one blind per unit and give each side a couple of dummies.  Move the blinds on the table and use normal spotting rules to reveal the blind.  If an element in a blind does a fire action only that element is reveal not all the elements in the blind.
  • allied_blinds_2
  • axis_blinds
  • axis_blinds_2

Charts and Other Downloads

Here’s some files that you can use to help play the game.

Basic game counters
British Labels
American Army Labels
Smoke counters
USMC labels
USMC & Japanese Initiative
US & German Activation Flags
Japanese Initiative Flags
Italian initiative
Italian Activation Flags
French labels
Quick Reference Chart Page 1
Quick Reference Chart Page 2
Artillery Chart
Commissar Chart
Dive Bomber Chart

Rulebook: Type and number of elements needed for each scenario

St-Lo scenario book: Type and number of elements needed for each scenario

Free scenarios:
Police Action : Elements of the SS Police Division assault a part of the Stalin Line, 1941

Fireball Forward Activation Deck:
Here is the link to the websote were you can order a nicely produced activation deck.  It has Allied, Axis, Japanese and Sovet cards.


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