Errata for Fireball Forward – the rule book

The Rules – pages 1-56

  • P.4 – 1.1 step 5 should read “If any vehicle unit (tanks, armored cars, etc.) had one or more elements destroyed during the activation that unit must take a vehicle unit morale check on the Vehicle Unit Morale table ( p. 97).”
  • P.4 – 1.1 Change the first sentence of the last paragraph to read: “A leader that starts the activation in good order that conducts a rally action while touching one or more broken elements under his command confers a free rally action on all those elements.”
  • P.8 – 4.3 Add a bullet point that reads: A vehicle or gun can target a building zone even if the zone has not been spotted yet.  Any elements in the zone that fail a morale check are placed on the table.
  • P.9 – ADD 4.4.1 RIFLE TEAMS: When rifle teams fire at infantry targets the roll 1 white hit die, 1 red hit die and a d20 range die.  Hits are determined just like rifle squads except that the red hit die must be a 4+ for any hits on the white die to count. In effect this makes rifle teams half as effective as rifle squads. Example: the rifle team fires and rolls a 6 on the white die and a 2 on the red die.  The 6 would normally be a hit but because the red hit die is less than a 4 there is no effect.
  • P.9 – 4.5 Effects of Hits: the second sentence should read “Elements failing one morale check are immediately broken and may make a rout move (an opportunity action).”
  • P.11 – 6.1 the second paragraph should read: “It the element is touching its own good order Platoon, Company, Battalion or higher Leader it must roll equal to or higher than the leader’s morale to pass its rally check.”
  • P.11 – 6.1 ADD the following sentence as a seperate paragraph at the end: Elements designated as ‘Recon’ always pass a rally check if they roll equal to higher than their morale or a leader that is touching them.
  • Page.12 – Replace the opening paragraph in 7.2 Rout Moveswith:
    Good Order Infantry units that fail a morale check from fire, opportunity fire or artillery and become broken may immediately make a rout move. Elements that are already broken and pass their morale checks may make a rout move (see Fire Results, rule 4.6) Also – a broken element that is fired on but suffers no hits may make a rout move.
  • P.14 – 8.4 The last sentence should read: “In the case of a tie, there is no winner or loser and the elements are ‘locked in combat.’ (see below)”
  • P.14 – 8.4 Close Combat chart ADD: Banzai Charge +1
  • P.16 – 9.1 Remove the word ‘Spot’ from the second bullet point.
  • P.17 11.1 Trenches Concealment: should read – Yes.
  • P.22 – ARMORED VEHICLES: ADD – Unit Morale Checks: Unlike infantry elements Armored (and soft) vehicles must take a unit morale check at the end on any activation in which they suffer an element eliminated.  Roll 2d6 on the Vehicle Unit Morale Chart.
  • P.23 – 15.0 The last sentence in the first paragraph should read: “Vehicles using a Full Move receive a significant penalty to their attacks, but are harder to hit.
  • P.34 – 25.1 – in Resolving the Fire Action insert “, or building zone” after “gun element”in the last line.
  • P.34 – 25.3 – Change “3” to “4”.
  • P.35 – Add: “26.0A Foxhole – Terrain interactions: None. Concealment: No. Cover: Hard Cover. Block LOS: No.
  • P.36 – 27.6 ADD The bunker received a +3drm in close combat just like an enclosed armored vehicle.
  • P.36 – 29.2 CHANGE the second to last sentence to read: If none of the HIT DICE score a hit then the flare marker deviates from its position on the table (See below)

The Scenarios – pages 57-83

  • P.59 – Easy Company: the North direction arrow should point to the right side of the page.
  • P.64 – Choctaw Warrior: the American rifle platoon leader should have a morale of 2+.
  • P.70 – Taming the Tiger: CHANGE the American Setup to: The American force consists of 6 units. See scenario rule. All units except the Howitzer battery start anywhere within 12-inches of the east board edge. TheHowitzer Battery enters on turn 4 anywhere on the east board edge. The On Call Concentrated Barrages can not be used before turn 5.
  • P.78 – The French Variable Forces 4-5 Motorcycle Platoon should consist of the same elements as the Motorcycle Platoon listed in 6.

The Charts – pages 84-100

  • P.86 – Mortars & On-Board Artillery: the first bullet point should read – Only the white dice affect the target; Red dice affect closest element within 4″.
  • P.86 – CLOSE COMBAT: MODIFIERS add +3 Bunker
  • P.87 – Trenches:  Concealment: should read: Yes.
  • P.88 – Add: “26.0A Foxholes – Terrain interactions: None. Concealment: No. Cover: Hard Cover. Block LOS: No.
  • P.93 – The 37mm cannister ammo should have an Anti-Inf W/R value of 4/0.
  • P.93 – M3 Lee – should have a second gun identical to the second gun on the British Grant on page 90.
  • P.97 – VEHICLE UNIT MORALE chart: Add next to the title – Roll 2d6 and add the following modifiers: +1 if at least one good order element in the unit has a morale of 3+ or 2+. / -1 if the unit has suffered more than one element destroyed OR has only one good order element remaining.
  • P.97 – 12: Add ‘This is considered a normal initiative chip. (Rule 1.2)  It does count as that unit’s initiative for the current turn. If they have already used an initiative chip this turn then use the result for number 11.

Errata for – Panzer Lehr at St-Lo scenario book

  • P.22 – ‘Panthers on the Prowl’ – the American Tank Destroyer Platoon that is listed as having only 1 M-10 should have TWO M-10s (4+).
  • P.26 – The The German Variable Forces should be:
    • 1-2 Mechanized Company HQ: Add 1 Sdkfz 250/1 (4+) to the Company Headquarters.
    • 3-4 Axis of advance: 1VP for each Panther that exits off of the east and/or a north road.
    • 5-6 Armored Recon: Add 2 Sdkfz 222 (4+) to the Recon Platoon.
  • P.31 – The top of the page is considered the north edge.
  • P.35 – The North arrow should point to the top of the page.
  • PzIIIM vehicle card: Vs. Inf should be 8/1 and the Range Die should be d8.
  • Bazooka ’44 card: Range is 4″+d3, Penetration should be 4.

Errata for – Marines at Guadalcanal scenario book

  • P.31 – CHANGE the third bullet point under Japanese victory points to read: 1 VP for sole occupation of the zone at the west end of the log bridge at the end of turn 5.
  • P31. – CHANGE the second bullet point under USMC victory points to read: 1 VP for sole occupation of the zone at the west end of the log bridge at the end of turn 5.
  • P31. – ADD Terrain: Banyan Trees provide hard cover to one squad or team and one leader that are touching them.

7 Responses to Errata

  1. dave says:

    hi, the rules look good, where can i get them in the uk? cheers

    • mfastoso says:

      On Military Matters is our supplier to the UK. You can drop them a note and see who they will be selling to. If I get any info I will pass it on.


  2. Tom Ballou says:

    QRC side 2 “Rally and Command”. First sentence, should read “touching a good order leader”.

  3. mfastoso says:

    Dave – You can contact Brigade Games and they will tell you how to order from them and avoid huge shipping costs….or check with North Star in the UK.


  4. Tom Ballou says:

    Page 76 Red Cavalry the first element is labeled “Tank Platoon” kinda weird for a Cavalry command.

  5. Tom Ballou says:

    Also on Red Cav the first unit should have a MG Cart for the MG.

  6. Tom Ballou says:

    The Road to Beaumont

    OK I bet the French were surprised when variable force 4-5 showed up with Soviet Armored cars! Should match the platoon in 6.

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