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Scenario Specific rulebooks or not?

Hi All, I have had a couple of people express disappointment with the approach we have been considering regarding scenario specific rulebooks. The idea is that we will not publish a rule book and then seperate scenario books. The scenario books will come with rules and charts tailored for those specific scenarios. As we have been developeing the rules it looks like that idea will probably fall by the wayside. As more scenarios are written and developed we seem to be encountering most situations that will need to be covered by the rules. (Having said that I don’t think any … Continue reading

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Paw of the Tiger – Fireball on the Russian Front

Jonathan Miller ran our first Fireball game set in the Russian Front at Cold Wars last weekend. It was great test of how range affects are modelled in the new armor rules. The scenario is based on the old Cross of Iron scenario, Paw of the Tiger. Two Tiger Is and three Mark IVF2s take on a mixture of T-34s, SU-76s and SU-122s…about twenty-two tanks in all. The Germans are defending the siege lines around Leningrad in February of 1943. They are all hull down on a series of hills overlooking a fairly open plain. The Russians enter the plain … Continue reading

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Cold Wars

I ran three ‘official’ and three ‘pick-up’ games of Fireball Forward at Cold Wars last week. All of them were received very well and a good time was had by all. It was great to see a group of ten people who had never played before sit down at the largest scenario I have written and within five minutes they were all playing and totally hooked. All of the games I ran are from my Panzer Lehr at St. Lo scenario book. The first official game I ran was ‘Darkness Before the Dawn’ which sees ten Panthers and a Panzer … Continue reading

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Hurtgen Forest Scenario book under way!

A quick note before I dash off to Cold Wars. Doug “Captain Fresh” Austin and I have start work on a new scenario book and rules for fighting in the Hurtgen Forest. So far the first 10 scenarios focus on the Kall Trail. Although this was ultimatley an American defeat it has some unique actions and gives us a chance to examine this overlooked battle. Already under way is my book on Pannzer Lehr at Saint Lo. Sean Barnett is going to start work on Villers Bocage and Michael Whittman shortly after Cold Wars. Also – Jonathan Miller is going … Continue reading

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Fireball at Cold Wars

I am off to Cold Wars in Lancaster PA this week and will be running three scenarios: “Darkness Before the Dawn,” “Holding On,” and “Watch the Flank.” All three games are from Panzer Lehr’s counterattack on July 10-11th north of St Lo. We have played them all a few times each but now that we are experimenting with new armor rules it will be good to see how that changes the play-balance. Hopefully it won’t matter and the scearnios will see play fine…but we will see. Stop by and check them out if you will be at the con. When … Continue reading

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New armor combat rules

Before I talk about our experience with the new armor rules I would suggest that you read CB’s comments about close in armor fighitng on the previous post. He makes a good point. In my research the Germans talk about how the Panther was not suited for hedgerow fighting for exactly the reasons CB has outlined. To address this we changed one small rule which appears after one playtest to have dealt with this problem. Shermans which had a quicker turret traverse can rotate their turrets 180 degrees instead of the usual 90 degrees. This means that up close they … Continue reading

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