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Latest game and new thoughts on Machine Guns

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to run Fireball for a great group of guys that unfortunately I can only game with on rare occasions. Rick Wynn and his crew are a very creative bunch that play a wide spectrum of periods and are always open to new and interesting rules. We played the scenario ‘Holding On’ from the Panther mini-campaign of the St Lo book. It features two platoons of GIs with some M10s trying to hold off a full company of Panzer Grenadiers supported by a Panther. I am not going to give a blow-by-blow account and suffice … Continue reading

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‘Hold on, boys!’ After Action Report

Last night we played a second playtest of ‘Hold on, Boys’ the first scenario in a 3 or 4 scenario mini-campaign covering the counterattack of Panzer Lehr’s 901st Panzergrenadier Regiment north of Haut Vents on July 10th. Overall this is part of my scenario book about Panzer Lehr’s counterattack during that period. This scenario depicts the 901’s attempt to breakthrough the American front lines and penetrate into the US rear areas with Mark IVs. The Americans have a company of infantry and a battalion HQ group while the Germans have two platoons of Panzergrenadiers, five Mark IVs, one Mark III … Continue reading

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