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Fireball Forward at Historicon 2010

If you’re headed to Historicon this year there will be plenty of ‘official’ and ‘un-official’ Fireball games being run. I am running all three scenarios covering the 2nd SS Engineer’s counterattack on July 9 and Jerry Frazee is running a couple of the Panther Battalion’s counterattack. All of very fun and exciting games. I will also be running a scenario of the American final assault on the ridge at Haut Vent using Tom Ballou’s custom built terrain board…should be a nice piece of eye-candy. This game is not listed in the program and I am not sure when we will … Continue reading

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Artillery Rules…and the Hurtgen Forest

Well…as difficult as it has been to nail down the armor combat rules, which it looks like we finally did, the artillery rules have come together very quickly. We tried them out in two playtests of the second scenario in the Hurtgen Forest: Kall Trail scenario book. Basically, there are a few types of artillery missions: interdiction, on-call fire, registration and prep fire. Except for interdiction they are all more or less played the same way with slight variations. Interdiction represents artillery fire being used behind the enemy’s front lines to impede his progress, resupply, hinder reinforcements, etc. This is … Continue reading

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