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‘Morale’ and Leadership in Fireball Forward.

What was more important in WW2 combat; the killing power of your weapon -or- a man’s ability to stand, calm and cool, to use that weapon? I would suggest that both are equally important (obviously.) I would also argue that historically most wargames which trace their development back to the games developed in the 1970s stress the importance of the killing power of weapons. Over the years game designers have come to appreciate the importance of morale; and rules about the combat effectiveness of troops during a battle have been developed. But leadership is still not well modeled. Your basic … Continue reading

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Moving Forward with Fireball Forward

Now that Historicon 2011is over and the playtest kit is out, its time to complete the full rules set in time for Historicon 2012. Jonathan and I have created our plan to finish crafting and playtesting the rules. After years of developing this is it amazing to see if finally approaching roll out. Although the rules will be out next summer I don’t see development of them ending. We have always seen the development of this game as a creative outlet for all involved and I am sure that will not stop. In planning out the scenarios that will be … Continue reading

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More Historicon game AARS

There were so many games at Histroicon that in my last post I neglected to mention the Normandy games ran by Curt Daniels. First off he ran ‘Poupeville’ that highlights Col. Julian Ewell’s assault on the small Norman hamlet that held the key to Causeway One from Utah Beach. (FYI – Julian Ewell was played by Robert Redford in ‘A Bridge Too Far.’) The paratroopers moved in towards the hamlet when a 37mm AA gun opened up on them cutting down the lead elements. The troopers were never able to knock out the gun and the Germans held the town. … Continue reading

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FIreball Forward Yahoo Group

In case you aren’t aware there is a yahoo group for Fireball Forward at: Good way to ask questions and chat with other players. Mark

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There was tons of fun with Fireball Forward at Historicon 2011. All told there were about 20 games run covering a wide range of theaters…Guadalcanal, Stalingrad, the Philippines, Normandy, Hurtgen Forest and Tunisia. Everyone seems to have fun…even when they were losing. The best comment that I heard was when someone came up to me and said he was getting creamed but having the best time. I think that is due to a combination of elegant rules and well crafted, well play-tested scenarios. Everyone scenario run at the convention had been play-tested at least 2-3 times. We did get a … Continue reading

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