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Operation Crusader is underway!

Last night British tanks poured over the Egyptian/Libyan border to try and relieve the siege of Tobruk. Yes…Tom Garnett ran the first of his Operation Crusader scenarios. He is aiming to create an entire scenario book on the topic. The battle was titled, ‘Trial by Combat’ and has a company of tanks (Crusaders) assaulting a company of dug in Bersaglieri with tank support and (as always) is based directly on an historical engagement. The Italians were hunkered down in their ‘hedgehog’ fortifications when twelve British tanks drove in over some undulating ground. As this was still pre-El Alamein, the Brit … Continue reading

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The Tank Show!

Last Sunday (August 21st) a few of us Fireball Forward Fanatics headed down to the Museum of America in Wartime near the Manassas, VA airport for their annual open house. If you have ever seen the show on the History/Military Channel (not sure which one it was on as there is not much history on the History Channel these days) where some guys get old tank hulks and rebuild them from the ground up….well these guys do the same thing. They have a fantastic collection of working tanks and armored vehicles from WW2 to today. I am not sure were … Continue reading

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‘The Death of Whitmann’ scenario

On August 8, 1944, Germany’s most celebrated tank ace rode to his death in a desperate attack against British and Canadian armor. As part of his scenario book on the fighting at Villers Bocage, Sean Barnett has decided to add this scenario as a sort of post-script. This fight was after the battle for Villers Bocage had ended and was actually part of OPERATION TOTALIZE. But as Sean depicts Whitmann’s famous ‘ride’ at Villers where he destroyed 20-odd British vehicles he felt that it would be fitting to show Whitmann’s end…in fact he has titled the scenario ‘Das Ende.’ Here … Continue reading

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