Fireball Forward at Fall In

‘Fall in’ at the Lancaster Host is only a few weeks away and there will be tons of Fireball games to be played! Over the past two months we have been playtesting the various scenario we will be running as well as refining the rules. Here’s what is on tap for Fall In:

I will be running to scenarios: ‘Taming the Tiger’, Sicily 1943 and ‘Bungle in the Jungle’, Guadalcanal 1942. Both have dedicated terrain boards and will have been well playtested. Taming the Tiger is a seesaw affair with the US paras led by General James Gavin attacking a bridge…and if they can’t take it quick enough the Germans roll on a bunch of Tigers. It is a fun scenario that uses sudden death victory conditions as well as more traditional victory. ‘Bungle in the Jungle’ is a confused jungle fight on the first day of fighting for Bloody Ridge. Stalwart Marines trying to hold back a tidal wave of surging Japanese Banzi Charges.

Jonathan Miller is running “The Horseman’s Heart’ which models the last cavalry charge in US history. A great scenario with fantastic terrain. See a previous blog post for an AAR.

Jerry Frazee, from Fireball South, is running a couple of the the Panzer Lehr in Normandy scenarios. These games from the upcoming ‘Panzer Lehr at St Lo’ scenario book are becoming (at least in our circle) the ‘classic’ Fireball Forward scenarios. Well balanced, well playtested and always a blast. Check them out.

Sean Barnett is running his latest Villers Bocage scenarios. The ‘Death of Whitmann’ and ‘The Brigade Box’. Both see lots of great tank fighting in the British sector of Normandy. An AAR of the ‘Death if Whitman’ is also on the blog.

Finally, Joe Seliga will be running one of the Panzer Lehr scenarios…one of the classics.

Please stop by and play or just chat. We are always open to ideas and thoughts.

See you at Fall In!


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