Fall In Fireball Report

Fall In 2011 was loads of fun despite 6-inches of snow on Saturday! Overall there were 10 Fireball games run over the course of the weekend. 4 Panzer Lehr at St Lo, 2 Villers Bocage, 2 Sicily, 1 France ’40 and 1 Guadalcanal game. They were all well attended and everyone seemed to have a blast. As usually new players were able to pick up the game in about a turn and then focus on the tactics and the fun. We had alot of Flames of War players which was interesting because almost universally they were a little taken aback by the opportunity fire. I can see that as having played FOW that is one of the biggest differences between the games. But after a turn or two they caught on and liked it. The other big question is whether they could use their figures as based for FOW. They were universally pleased when told they could.

I ran two scenarios: Taming the Tiger, Sicily 1943 and Bungle in the Jungle, Guadalcanal 1942. The Sicily game is fun because it is the first time I used sudden death victory conditions and Guadalcanal saw the first extensive use of jungle terrain. The jungle rules are really working well. Here are a few pics from those two games.

Sean Barnett ran two games. The Death of Whitman and The Brigade Box. Here are a few pics.

Jerry Frazee ran two scenarios from the Panzer Lehr at St Lo scenario book. They are quickly becoming classics!

Mark Stricker ran a France ’40 game about the Royal Tank Regiment at Calais. Mist that was rising and falling made for a confused fight!

Well…next on the docket is playtesting my new Africa April 1941 book: Operation Sonnenblume. It follows the DAK’s arrival in africa, destruction of the British 2nd Armored Division and the stand of the 9th Australians Division at Tobruk. Lots of new things to try out there. I will plan to run a few of those scenarios at Cold Wars.


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  1. Michael DeCarlo says:

    Hey Mark – Almost time for Cold Wars 2012. What can we look forward to for Fireball Forward scenarios?

    • Sean Barnett says:

      Hi Mike,
      I’ll be running two more Fireball scenarios at Cold Wars from Operation Perch, the British attack on the Panzer Lehr Division in June 1944 that included the battle of Villers-Bocage. Both scenarios involve the British attack on the town of Lingevres, north of Villers-Bocage. The first is a reconnaissance in force against Panzer Lehr defenses before the main attack. The second is the British defense of the town against German counterattacks after they captured it. Mark will be running Fireball games at Cold Wars too; I’m sure they’ll be good ones. Hope to see you there.

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