Fireball Forward Release is Imminent!

Well…the blog has been quite as of late but that is because I have been so busy getting the rules ready for publication. The good news is that everything is on track to release the Rules and the Panzer Lehr at St. Lo scenario book at Historicon in July.

I feel really good about the rules as we have spent the last year refining and playtesting the heck out of them. We have also been running lots of games at conventions and the response has been positive. We are looking forward to sharing the complete rules with the wargame community and giving 21st century gamers a good game that fits their time constraints while providing a fun and exciting tactical game about WW2.

Here is a sneak peek at some of Jerry Frazee’s illustrations for the rulebook. They look great and echo Rodger MacGowen’s artwork from the original Squad Leader.

See you at Historicon!


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  1. Michael DeCarlo says:

    Looking forward to it!

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