Off to Historicon

Well …it has been a long road since we first experimented with Fireball Forward back around 2003. Since then we have had many many hours of exciting World War Two games (and a couple games of a zombie version of Fireball that we call Fireball Apocalypse.) Now here we are ready to release the game to the world. Jonathan and I are proud of what we have created and hope that it brings as much fun to all of you as it has to us.

Several vendors including Brigade Games and On Military Matters will be carrying the rules and the St-Lo scenario book which both retail for $25. We will be running two demo games three times a day as well as about 14 scheduled games at Historicon…so stop in and try it out! The demo games are Easy Company’s assault on the German guns at Brecourt Manor and a tank battle in africa.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Con!


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