Historicon 2012 and going forward!

The release of Fireball Forward was a huge success! The rules and scenario book went like hotcakes and the players all seemed to have a good time at the games. I want to thank all my fellow Fireball fanatics and new gamers for making the weekend a success. We ran countless demo games and 15 event games. All well attended … including the 9am thursday games!

Here is a picture of the DAK’s armored assault in ‘Rear Guard at Agedabia’ ..one of the demos.

Now that the rules are out in the world I have begun adding stuff to the website to help support the game. You will notice an errata section to help clarify typos and omissions. The Downloads section also has pdfs of the charts so you don’t have to damage your rulebook.

Going forward I am planning on a few things:

1. Scenario books. We have a bunch in various stages of completion including Operation Sonnenblume -Africa 1941, Villers-Bocage – Normandy, 1944, Guadalcanal – 1942, Operation Crusader – Africa, 1942. I have started researching the drive on Prokorovkha – Kursk, 1943 and plan on starting that after I finish up Guadalcanal. After these we will see where things go but with WW2 the options are almost limitless!

2. How to design scenarios and basic OBs for Fireball. A few people have aske dme for guidance on creating their own scenarios so I will try to put together some info for download.

3. Free scenarios. I hope to post the occasional free scenario on the website as time permits.

4. Fireball variants. I have already experimented with Fireball in Mogadishu and Fireball with Zombies ( my nephews loved that one) and will eventually come out with variants. Besides the above two there has been talk of Korea, Vietnam and the Arab-Israeli Wars

Thanks again and have fun with Fireball Forward!


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3 Responses to Historicon 2012 and going forward!

  1. It was great to be there Mark! I’m thrilled that you had such a successful release. I hope it goes on to be a well-loved and widely used ruleset.

  2. Ed Miller says:

    Thanks to all who introduced both me and my friend to Fireball Forward at H-Con. We had a great time and look forward to playing in future events.

  3. michael says:

    Exciting stuff the rules look great where to start?
    good luck

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