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“Marines at Guadalcanal” due for release at Cold Wars 2013!

The latest Fireball scenario book is on the way! ‘Marines at Guadalcanal’ contains 14 historical scenarios following the three main Japanese offensives to recapture Henderson Field. The mini-campaigns break the action down into: The Battle of the Tenaru, The Battle for Bloody Ridge and the October Offensive. Desperate Marines try to repel determined Imperial soldiers launching vicious Banzai charges. Some scenarios feature heros like John Basalone and Mitchell Page. Here are some of Jerry’s illustrations as a sneak peek!

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Historicon 2012 and going forward!

The release of Fireball Forward was a huge success! The rules and scenario book went like hotcakes and the players all seemed to have a good time at the games. I want to thank all my fellow Fireball fanatics and new gamers for making the weekend a success. We ran countless demo games and 15 event games. All well attended … including the 9am thursday games! Here is a picture of the DAK’s armored assault in ‘Rear Guard at Agedabia’ of the demos. Now that the rules are out in the world I have begun adding stuff to the … Continue reading

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Here it is! The first copy of FIreball Forward

Here we are…the very first copy of the first edition hot off the presses!

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Off to Historicon

Well …it has been a long road since we first experimented with Fireball Forward back around 2003. Since then we have had many many hours of exciting World War Two games (and a couple games of a zombie version of Fireball that we call Fireball Apocalypse.) Now here we are ready to release the game to the world. Jonathan and I are proud of what we have created and hope that it brings as much fun to all of you as it has to us. Several vendors including Brigade Games and On Military Matters will be carrying the rules and … Continue reading

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The finished cover for the ST-LO scenario book,

Here is the final cover for our first scenario book. Jerry and Tom did a great job! It will be available at Historicon!

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Sneak Preview of the ‘Panzer Lehr at St-Lo” cover art

Hi All, As we prepare for the roll out of the rules and first scenario book, ‘Panzer Lehr at St-Lo’ I thought I would give you a sneak peak at Jerry Frazee’s awesome illustration that will adorn the cover of the scenario book. Here it is

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Fireball Forward Release is Imminent!

Well…the blog has been quite as of late but that is because I have been so busy getting the rules ready for publication. The good news is that everything is on track to release the Rules and the Panzer Lehr at St. Lo scenario book at Historicon in July. I feel really good about the rules as we have spent the last year refining and playtesting the heck out of them. We have also been running lots of games at conventions and the response has been positive. We are looking forward to sharing the complete rules with the wargame community … Continue reading

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Fall In Fireball Report

Fall In 2011 was loads of fun despite 6-inches of snow on Saturday! Overall there were 10 Fireball games run over the course of the weekend. 4 Panzer Lehr at St Lo, 2 Villers Bocage, 2 Sicily, 1 France ’40 and 1 Guadalcanal game. They were all well attended and everyone seemed to have a blast. As usually new players were able to pick up the game in about a turn and then focus on the tactics and the fun. We had alot of Flames of War players which was interesting because almost universally they were a little taken aback … Continue reading

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Fireball Forward at Fall In

‘Fall in’ at the Lancaster Host is only a few weeks away and there will be tons of Fireball games to be played! Over the past two months we have been playtesting the various scenario we will be running as well as refining the rules. Here’s what is on tap for Fall In: I will be running to scenarios: ‘Taming the Tiger’, Sicily 1943 and ‘Bungle in the Jungle’, Guadalcanal 1942. Both have dedicated terrain boards and will have been well playtested. Taming the Tiger is a seesaw affair with the US paras led by General James Gavin attacking a … Continue reading

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The Last Cavalry Charge

The sounds of thundering hooves echoed throughout the gameroom on tuesday as we played Jonathan Miller’s latest Philippines ’41 scenario titled, ‘Horseman’s Heart.’ It models the final cavalry charge made by the United States Army’s 26th Cavalry. Recent scholarship and Eureka’s new 15mm figures has brought this event to the attention of gamers. So, in an effort to give gamers a reason to use those new figs Jonathan brings us this and all of his other Philippines scenarios. As for Fireball Forward it is the first time we used the cavalry rules. We were eager to see how they felt … Continue reading

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